Call for papers

Australian Population Studies invites submissions for the two special issues of the journal in 2021, which will include:
(1) A special issue on questions for the 2026 Census in Australia; and,
(2) A special issue on population decline.

Special Issue on census questions for 2026 (to be published in the May 2021 edition)
The ABS recently announced the questions to be asked in the 2021 Census, which includes a new question on health and a new question on defence force service. Many other new topics were suggested, and several questions were considered and tested by the ABS, but were not selected for the final census questionnaire. The next opportunity to include new questions will be in the planning stages for the 2026 census. To encourage discussion about new questions, we plan to publish a special issue in the May 2021 edition of the journal consisting of short commentary pieces which propose new census questions. These contributions should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words including references. Topics could include, but are not limited to:
• Measuring the location of the population more effectively (to capture those with dual homes, fly-in fly-out workers, children who divide time between separated parents, etc.)
• Indigenous identity and ancestry (we would expect this to be written by an Indigenous researcher)
• Household and family composition
• Sexual orientation and gender identity
• Ancestry and ethnicity
• Health (including COVID-19 impact)
• Quality of life
• Employment and labour market
• Transport access and commuting.
Researchers interested in submitting a commentary should contact the editor, Dr Tom Wilson, The deadline for submissions is 15th February 2021.

Special Issue on population decline (to be published in the November 2021 edition)
Population growth, and immigration particularly, has long been the focus of discussion, public debate and research in Australia. Much of the attention has centred on population growth, whether it is considered to be too much or too little, with population decline given considerably less consideration. But some regions of the Australia, and some population sub-groups, are experiencing population decline. To what extent is this occurring? What are the drivers of decline? What are the consequences to regions and regional communities where decline is occurring? And should it, as is often the case, necessarily be viewed as negative?

To provide a renewed spotlight on issues surrounding population decline, Australian Population Studies is planning to publish a special issue in November 2021 on this topic. We welcome papers addressing, but not limited to, the following themes:
• Long-run patterns and processes of population decline in certain geographical areas or particular population groups
• Policies addressing or exacerbating population decline
• Discussions of population decline within the context of sustainability
• Theoretical perspectives on population decline in the context of long-run shifts in mobility and population distribution
• Rethinking population measures to better understand growth and decline spatially and/or within sub-groups
• COVID-19 effects and population decline
• Reversal of trends in population decline to reflect population stabilisation or recovery, and processes associated with this.

We welcome submissions on this topic under 3 categories:
1) Research Papers (up to 4,000 words);
2) Introductory Guides (introductions to methods, approaches, data, theories, or software not well covered in the textbooks); and
3) DemoGraphics (data visualisations).
The deadline for submissions: 1st August 2021.